From Colosseum to Coachella.

From old ruins with passive tourists to new arenas with raving fans.

Don't we just love it? The ever evolving media and music landscape. New technology drives new consumer behaviour. Or is it the other way around? Anyhow, with ch-ch-changes comes new challenges. And we really would like to help turn these challenges into new opportunities. In every meeting we describe ourselves as a Swiss Army knife for all things related to music. Until we come up with something better we will stick with that. We would love to hear from you. We are really good listeners.

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Music Strategy

We are helping brands and agencies to reach and influence audiences through the power of sound and music. How can this dimension be added into brands overall marketing/communication strategy? Your brand probably already look really sharp and know all the right words, but we can help your brand to finally get a voice. Advertising, digital content, live events and in-store music are just a few examples of touch points where the right sound makes a difference.

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Music Partnerships

We are creating new opportunities for both brands and artists through value driven collaborations and partnerships. Both brands, artists and live events need access to new audiences. We help both sides to figure out the value exchange and create meaningful collaborations such as ambassador programs, promotion/marketing activities and sponsorships. Our most recent project is building a unique network of festivals across Sweden. We can now offer sponsorship solutions at scale where brands can support festivals, and reach fans in all corners of Sweden.

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Music Consultancy

Supporting players within all corners of the music and media industry w. business development, marketing and sales, legal support etc.
We are partners with a number of companies within the music, marketing and tech industry. Here are some of our current partners:

Appmiral helps music festival organizers expand their festival experience to attendants smartphones. Our framework-driven mobile apps combine customizability and top-notch performance. Dist Sthlm are representing Appmiral in the Nordic region. 

Zalster delivers a seamless experience for automating Facebook Ads optimization - along with visualizing insights in the most time saving and flexible way. Zalster was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in Sweden. If you buy Facebook ad products we are more than happy to introduce you to the team behind Zalster.

Svensk Live is the voice of Swedish live music, they promote, support and develop live music. Svensk Live is an independent non-profit consisting of 200 members from all corners of the live music scene. Dist Sthlm help Svensk Live’s members (festivals etc.) with sponsorship sales.