Client: is a leading online fashion retailer for fashion and beauty conscious millennials. Filter is a drama series for young people produced by and Perfect Day Media. A innovative way to create authentic and engaging content that connects with the target audience.

Our mission: music supervision

Last spring we met with the very talented band Bloke & Bird (Jennifer Åkerman & Lorenzo Jansson Kilman). After being impressed by their music we helped them to get two of their songs "Brooklyn Kid" and "1999" featured in season 2 of Filter. We helped out with project coordination and negotiations.  


Client: Skanska

Skanska is a very attractive employer amongst engineers. In order to further strengthen that position, Skanska went on a road show to universities throughout Sweden. A great opportunity for students to network, get important contacts for the future and try fun things like AR glasses.

Our mission: music strategy and curation

Dist Sthlm's mission was to build a music strategy and curate the soundtrack to Skanska's Roadshow. In collaboration with their Employer Branding team, we made sure that music became an integrated part of the events and an element that enhanced the overall brand experience.